How to Reset This Fall

photo by Johannes Plenio

This summer has been nice. More than nice, this summer was normal (FINALLY!). We ventured outside again, events were open, we saw people once again. Catching up with friends, seeing loved ones, being in the world – both inside venues and outdoors has been an incredible experience following two years of back-to-back lockdowns.

With fall quickly approaching, kids are getting ready to go back to school and workers are getting ready for longer workdays. While we may grieve the end of our summer leisure, we can simultaneously embrace this time to reconnect with our focus and career path.

As we start to get swept away into the busy work lives that await us, here are some tips to reset this fall season:

  1. CLEAN YOUR SPACE – time to put away all of your summer/beach gear and get ready for the cold(er) weather! Maybe start to bring out some of your sweaters and pack away your shorts and flip-flops. Cleaning up your space and swapping your summer gear for your fall gear helps ready your brain for the upcoming season. You can thank your summer items and tell them you’ll see them next summer, as a Marie Kondo strategy to help yourself mourn and let go.
  2. REFLECT – take some time to reflect on your summer. Maybe look through your photos and remember all of the good times you had. Talk about these good times with a loved one and journal about it if you can. Think about the upcoming seasons and what you are looking forward to doing this Fall. Reflecting and making time for gratitude helps us develop a positive mindset with the changing seasons.
  3. LOOK FORWARD – Since you’re starting to think about what you’re looking forward to doing this season, why not list them off? Make a list of the things you want to do this fall, here are some fun suggestions to help jumpstart your list:
  • Visit a local family! Take part in some fall fun like feeding farm animals, wagon rides, mazes, photo opportunities and purchasing root vegetables from the Fall harvest
  • Take a hike! While the Fall colours are vibrant, go hiking and soak up the beauty around you!
  • Pick your own fruits and vegetables! Fall is the perfect time for picking apples and pumpkins!
  • Drink a hot beverage! Perfect time to sit outside with a hot cup of apple cider or hot cocoa.
  • Cozy up by a fire – snuggle up with your loved ones under a blanket near a fire. Make some smores while you’re there!

4. USE YOUR VACATION TIME – Prices drop in the fall for vacations, making it the perfect time to save some coin and use your vacation time! If you want a staycation, prices decrease and there is increased availability for local cottages. If you prefer to fly somewhere down south, prices also drop due to hurricane season.


I would love to know how you plan to reset this fall, comment below!

Copyright 2022, Sherrie Mohamed

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