3 Reasons Why You Should go to Therapy

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To start this blog, I thought it would be appropriate to name 3 Reasons Why You Should See a Therapist. Without further ado, here we go!

  1. Your Friends and Family Aren’t Therapists!

We love our friends and family, but let’s be honest – they’re not necessarily equipped with the skills to give us the support that we truly need. That doesn’t mean they don’t love us, it just means that they aren’t professional therapists! And if they are – it’s a conflict of interest for you to be their client!

As a therapist, I hear from clients over and over again that their friends and family don’t understand them, or gave them bad advice. We have to remember our friends and family members are not responsible for helping us with processing thoughts and emotions. This is why therapists go to school for many years and spend thousands of dollars on trainings every year!

So, take it easy on your friends and family and find someone who has the proper training and knowledge to best support you.

2. Develop New Perspectives

When you are alone, or around the same people regularly, it is normal that your thoughts develop a routine. Your thoughts are subject to their environment, so if they’re in the same environment day after day then it’s no wonder why they may ruminate or get “stuck.” 

To get a fresh new perspective, speaking to someone objective might do the trick. Of course, speaking to a therapist would be less weird than opening up to a stranger on the street. Just saying.

3. Develop New Coping Strategies

One of the best reasons to see a therapist is to develop tools to put in your toolbox (otherwise known as coping strategies). Coping strategies are skills that we learn to help us in times of need. Just like hardware tools, we use them when we need to and put them away (in a toolbox) until we need them again.

Unfortunately, throughout our lives we might learn maladaptive coping strategies, like drinking, smoking or self-harming. In therapy, we can unlearn maladaptive coping and replace it with positive coping techniques instead. Positive coping techniques are beneficial to help us overcome and move forward without causing harm to our mind, body and spirit.

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Copyright Sherrie Mohamed, 2021

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I help people live their best lives by overcoming anxiety, relationship issues and trauma.

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